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The Prep and the Hangover


• DON'T apply any perfume, lotion, deodorant, shaving creams, and oils on the day of your appointment as they will interfere with the results. Let your technician know if you have any of the above on, and they will provide you with wipes

• Please remove ALL old self tanner or Spray Tan from the skin. Spray Tanning over product may give uneven results

• Please discontinue using any retinols, alpha hydroxy acids, or beta hydroxy acid 2 weeks prior to tan as it will cause uneven results in the applied areas

• If you have or had a bad sunburn in the past few months please do not book, you will have uneven results

• Waxing should be done 24 hours prior to reduce sensitivity and increase the evenness of your tan. Shaving should be done the night or day before your scheduled appointment, not the day of

• Exfoliate your skin the day BEFORE your scheduled Spray Tan with mitts/washcloth, and any type of scrub. On the day of your appointment, please wash your skin with an non-oil based cleanser. For best results, shower 6 hours before the Spray Tan.   Please remove any lotion/deodorant.

• If you’re going to get a manicure and/or pedicure, please do BEFORE HAND

• For First time Spray Tanners we recommend bringing a photo of your favorite celebrity glow

Prepare for the HANGOVER

• Wait at least 12 hours before you shower ( if tanned with Rapid wait 1 hour for light, 2 hours for medium, and 3 hours for dark) and always pat dry the skin after a shower to help your tan last it’s longest (When taking the first shower, you will see cosmetic BRONZER washing off the skin, don't worry, your perfect tan has developed underneath). Please make sure to wash ALL bronzer off during first shower- just use sulfate free soap and water

• Do not exercise after being spray tanned, wait until the first shower, then proceed back to regular exercise schedule

• Always remember to moisturize with body lotion and not oil ….. it’s great for your skin and moist skin prolongs your tan. Don’t moisturize until after your first shower as it might cause streaking

• Avoid activities with water (e.g. washing dishes, swimming) until you shower- if you spill anything on your tan pat the area dry, don’t rub

• Avoid long hot bath, showers, hot tubs, and try not to shave as frequently, as it speeds up exfoliation and reduce the length of your tan. If heading to a destination with a pool, use spray waterproof sunscreen. Chlorine is a form of bleach and can make your tan fade faster